Welcome To The Shamans Brew

The Shamans Brew was created for those who wish to explore the mysteries and secrets of our magical universe.  It is designed to be a guide for those who long to understand who and what they truly are as they walk their own path of discovery.  Here you will be able to tap into centuries of knowledge passed from teacher to student by word of mouth alone.  Much of this knowledge has been closely guarded and has never been released to the public ... until now.


The Shamans Brew is the culmination of 45 years of research and experiences from one mans journey through many shamanic and magical cultures on his own quest to unlock the secrets of our magical universe.  Through extensive training and research  fueled by an 8 year apprenticeship with Dr. Carlos Castaneda and an apprenticeship with a Toltec Nagual shaman named don Miguel,   Marcus Leader can now  share his story, knowledge, and amazing experiences with those who wish to learn the hidden secrets of the Toltec Core Knowledge and walk a path of power and enlightenment.


This is a path of awakening that will teach you a new way of perception allowing you to "see" the true nature of the world around you while elevating your awareness to levels that you never knew existed.  You will learn how to do things that you never thought possible, to see beyond the limits of normal perception into other worlds or realities. You will learn how to communicate with all living beings, reach through the veil into other dimensions and touch those who have crossed over into the spirit realm.  You will learn a powerful method of prayer known only to some shaman through the manipulation of what is known as the assemblage point.  Through this same assemblage point you will learn new methods of projecting your consciousness outside of your body to distant places.  Learn Toltec shamanic methods of healing that boarder the miraculous.  Slow down aging and increase longevity.  You will learn methods of spiritual protection against any negative force or "curse".  Learn how to open the windows of divination and gaze into the past or future.  Learn the secrets of shamanic dream walking. Control the phenomenon known as Luck to turn negative into positive.  All this and so much more.     


I invite you to explore this website, listen to the weekly radio shows, and read the blogs about a variety of topics where I will share HOW-TO information and techniques. In The Fireside Teaching you will learn about the ancient Toltec Core Knowledge taught to me by my friends and mentors Carlos Castaneda and don Miguel that has never been released to the public. Explore the page called Sacred Soils for it is a place where I offer hard to find Sacred Power Objects to help empower you along your own path.  I offer these objects at my cost with the hope of helping others. 


Finally, I do not charge anything for this knowledge or information.  All my blogs, Videos, and Radio shows are completely free.  The only thing that I ask of my listeners and readers is that you reach out to friends and family who might find value from these teachings and direct them to this page so that I can help as many people as possible in this time.

About Your Host


My name is Marcus Leader and I am excited and honored to be your host on this journey of discovery along a path of enlightenment and self empowerment. It is my intention to share with you the many secrets that I was taught and the amazing wonders that I have discovered over the last 45 years while researching the structure of our magical universe and the depths and layers of human consciousness as seen through the eyes of a Toltec shaman.

I have been scientifically researching parapsychology, shamanism, magickal theory, and the paranormal since 1977 and I continue to conduct research and experimentation in the field and laboratory as I seek the truth through repeatable results. As a member of the professional division of the Monroe Institute I conducted research on the effects of their Hemi-Sync technology on the human assemblage point of awareness in order to map the layers of human consciousness.  All of these experiences have brought me to a very unique state of dual perception which allows me to view the world through the eyes of a Toltec shaman with the discernment  of a scientist.  This duality of perception has produced amazing discoveries.

In the course of my research, I was extremely fortunate and privileged to befriend one of the most famous shamans of our time while studying in the UCLA library. This shaman, dubbed by Time magazine as "the Godfather of the New Age", later took me under his wing and taught me the secrets of the Toltec shamanic path in a one on one apprenticeship over a period of 8 years before leaving this world in 1998 on his own quest for freedom. Through my apprenticeship with Carlos I met another very powerful Toltec Nagual shaman from the "old" lineage who taught me about the old ways before the fall of Teotihuacan in 750 AD.  I continue my shamanic research and practice today as one of the few remaining apprentices to the world famous anthropologist, best selling author, and shaman, Dr. Carlos Castaneda and the Toltec Nagual shaman known only as don Miguel.

I invite you to walk with me as I pull back the veil and give you a glimpse of the Multiverse through the eyes of a Toltec shaman.